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Almost winter wardrobe time!

Almost winter wardrobe time!

It’s that time of year again when you start thinking about sorting through your child’s cupboard to see if they still fit into last winter’s clothes. If they are anything like my two the answer is most likely – VERY LITTLE.. (Sigh!)

In a time where budgets and time are tight, this exercise can be tricky to say the least. But with kids, any change is an opportunity to learn and grow. Below are a few things I like to do, with options to include the kids, consider the environment and make sure their cupboards have the right mix of clothes for their needs…

What do they need?

Thankfully my kids have a school uniform so that sorts out most of the Monday to Friday clothing, leaving after school and weekends to think about. My kids mostly need casual clothes, with possibly 1 or 2 smarter outfits for the season.

I find making a list helpful to double check they will have enough clothes to work with my weekly laundry schedule. If your child does not have a uniform, consider coming up with your own version e.g. leggings and t-shirt combo’s to keep that part of the list simple.

Make a list of what is needed
Make a list of what is needed

Getting the kids involved

Having a budget and a list is when I get the kids involved. I use the list to guide the shopping trip with my kids. It’s a great way to show them progress when they start moaning and my daughter loves to tick off items as we go! I do find managing her through any trade-off choices tough, but I do believe it’s a valuable life skill she will thank me for one day.

Allowing the kids to be involved in the choice is an opportunity to express their personality. You may need to help shortlist appropriate options, depending on their age, but I do find it’s not worth buying clothes for my son without his involvement. That just results is a pile of unworn, too small clothes clogging up his cupboard.

I may not buy everything on the list at once to cater for mid-season growth spurts (mostly my son) and the inevitable top-up shop. Choosing the bigger size for loose fitting style dresses or t-shirts is an option to try and avoid this, but that’s not always possible.

Choosing where to shop

I know budget mostly dictates this decision, but two things I have become more conscious of are to know who made the clothes and to try and choose more cotton and natural fibres. I am also grateful to be connected into a mommy community where hand-me-down-and-around clothes have become a great resource and budget saver, especially in the smarter clothes category.

A great blog I recently discovered shared a list of a growing number of South African kids clothing brands which provide a range of locally made options too.

And just for fun to kick start your clear out, here is some inspiration from our new AW19 collection, which now caters for both boys and girls. Available online or in store now at OhMyBaby Collaboration store in Menlyn

JenniDezigns AW19 Collection
JenniDezigns AW19 Collection


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